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When life seems to be leaving you with more questions than answers, consulting with Aura Psychic of Chicago, IL can be a great way to turn the tables and get to the heart of those burning questions. A psychic tarot card reading will help you explore both your questions, and the situations surrounding them to give you a clear view of the “bigger picture.” It can also provide very detailed insight into the culprits of many of your problems while surrounding cards suggest the best way to get around them.

About Our Tarot Readings

When you visit or call Aura Psychic for a tarot card reading, you will find your tarot card reader is very attuned to your personal psychic energies within the first few moments of your session. We are all natural psychics who have a gift for giving readings that are highly personal and honest. We are extremely ethical in our work and will never dilute the truth, no matter how hard it may be to hear. We do however promise to treat you and all your questions with the utmost dignity and respect because we are not here to judge.

Three Card Spreads and Ten Card Spreads

There are several options you can choose from when requesting a tarot card reading from us. We can do a one to three-card spread for quick insights on broad topics, or we can get highly detailed with ten-card spreads or any other reading that feels appropriate for your current situation. No matter which you choose, we will ensure your tarot card reading provides all the answers you need.

Try your own tarot card reading at Aura Psychic by phone or at our Chicago, IL shop now, and get your first reading for half price just for mentioning this website!

We look forward to using our talents to help you reach your goals.

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